About Steven

I’m Steven Livingston, most often known as Steve 🙂 

I was born close to the airport in a town called Harbor View, Jamaica. Lived with my parents and big bro now called Uncle Kiwa by my 4 year old daughter. 

I moved to Kingston Jamaica at the age of 8 and moved only once after that for the rest of my Jamaican life. I attended Ardenne High where I was convinced I wasn’t going to graduate. I hated school and of a class of about 40 I was …number 40 on the academics list. What I later discovered, I didn’t hate school… I hated the areas I was forced to concentrate in by Ardenne (Sciences).

Fast forward – Went to a college called Institute of Management in Jamaica studying business. Matriculated to Nova while working at JMMB as a teller. I fell in love with finance and stuck with it for the early part of my life. I quickly climbed through the org eventually becoming a fixed income trader, liquidity manager. That’s when it hit me. I needed to learn how the money I invested was generated…I needed to learn business. So I did what anyone would…Quit my job as a trader at 22 years old and started my own distribution company to earn 25% of what I would normally. Best decision EVER!

2nd year in business, realized I was learning at my expense. Lots more to learn. Later went on to work with Diageo, Western Union, Colgate and Walmart with a fast progression powered by the hands-on operating experience I gained from running my own business. I’ve also started another business since with my beloved wife Takia (better known as Shar) in the Kitchen Remodeling space within Northern New Jersey.

With over 15 years across several industries, I’ve attributed my success to 3 things:

  • Being analytical but at the same time having a big picture perspective. It allows me to mentally move up and down in thought which results in quick, data driven decisions.
  • Genuinely caring about people – This goes for my team and customers. I have the ability to put them first and look out for their best interest. This results in customer centric businesses ran by high performing teams who are in sync with their passions
  • Accepting fear as a reality and quieting it with data – As a trader I learned the concept of doing the homework and making educated bets. If it fails but the hypothesis is sound, that’s okay. Win more than you lose – accept that there will be times that you lose.

I enjoy snapping pics, riding my bike and being outdoors with my fam and dog Lola. The next chapter of my life will be dedicated to building things with others, helping where I can and leaving a lasting legacy grounded in “larger than self” mindset. 

This is Steven

Steven Livingston

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