Too busy for what?

I often say I’m too busy to write, truth is I’m too busy not to. It’s a form of getting thoughts off the mind onto paper. It’s therapeutic, it’s necessary.

I’ve thought back on the past to understand why I’ve always been so “busy”. The notion of being busy doesn’t always translate to results. From an early age I’ve juggled school, work, activities, hustling. But most times, it’s a choice. I decided to keep myself occupied with projects, thoughts etc. It also forms anxiety. The brain never stops thinking about what I’m not doing, what I’m forgetting, what’s going to crack the earth.

Recently, I’ve decided to let things fall. Let things happen. I’ve been alive about 35 years and one thing’s for sure, things usually work themselves out. We worry in the moment of the unknown because it’s unknown. But if we focused on the present and not worry about the future or think about the past, there’s so much power there. I believe that where we keep our attention, is where we see things flourish.

My friends pointed this out to me over the weekend. They acknowledged that most times when we’re unwinding, my mind goes to conversations on personal growth, career growth, advancement, what’s next. It’s never hey, do you see that squirrel over there! Funny as hell! I miss the present moment and get lost in the future. The future is of no importance if today doesn’t count. We need to live today to see tomorrow.

With that, I’m now working on taking my self less seriously. I bought myself a PlayStation 5, put air in the bike and signed up for a bike club, signed me and my daughter up for equestrian. Work….I’ll crush it anyway, whether I think about it today or when I’m back in office. A happy me is a more productive me.

What are you doing to stay present in the moment? If you happen to be heading somewhere fun, let me know. I could use some light moments!

This is Steve